Enormous congratulations to Timothy Donnelly, who recently won the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award for his book The Cloud Corporation (Wave Books, 2010). The Kingsley Tufts Award is given annually to a mid-career poet, and at $100,000, is one of the nation’s largest monetary prizes for literature. Donnelly read at Metro Rhythm’s very first reading in November 2009, and represented us again at the New York City Poetry Festival in 2011. We couldn’t be happier for Donnelly and his family, and know this award couldn’t have been better deserved. Here’s to Donnelly and his achievements, and looking forward to much more success in the near future.

Congratulations as well to Katherine Larson, author of Radial Symmetry (Yale University Press, 2011), who received this year’s Kate Tufts Poetry Award. This $10,000 prize is granted each year for a first book “of genuine promise.” This, coupled with 2010’s Yale Younger Poets Prize, Ms. Larson has certainly earned such praise.

We anticipate more to come from both of these talented poets. Again, heart-felt congratulations.